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EPIK has a firm grasp of the public relations challenges facing our fire departments and emergency medical services. From fires to motor vehicle crashes, medical incidents, MCIs and industrial accidents, dealing with related media inquiries can be daunting. 


Consistent with our strategy we utilize a unique approach to handling public relations and media management. We do the work behind the scenes—from handling media inquiries, drafting press releases to coordinating social media strategy and much more so you can focus on the critical task at hand. The public expects critical safety information to be conveyed to them directly by public safety officials.

Every fire department has great stories to tell, but very few people actually hear them. Similar to our law enforcement media approach, we advocate a proactive strategy highlighting the difficult and dangerous work our firefighters and EMS personnel face on a daily basis. A top propriety for fire departments should be maintaining trusting and transparent relationships with the people they serve. Positive public relations and effective communications strategies are critical in building that support.

From fire safety to opioid awareness, Fire/EMS media has an extremely effective platform to raise awareness and potentially save lives. Social media can be an effective tool to reach a lot of people in a fast way – but only if used correctly. Let us show you how. 

In addition to the traditional work of the fire and EMS service, COVID-19 has added an additional layer of responsibility to many fire departments. EPIK understands and will work with you relieve some of the burden as it relates to additional required COVID-19 related public information responsibilities. 

Show the community the value of your department and the benefits you provide. Create a positive public image for your department. Educate the public on why you’re there. Built on years of experience in public safety and media, we provide you the tools, technology and real- time support to succeed.

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