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Who We Are

Rob Quirk founding partner EPIK

Robert Quirk

Founding Partner

Rob has over fourteen years’ experience as a law enforcement and media professional. He has served as a patrol officer, IT officer, detective and media relations officer. Rob is a certified Public Information Officer and has launched and managed several social media platforms.  Rob holds a bachelor’s degree from Fairfield University.  

(855) 920-EPIK

Michael Saccone

Founding Partner

Mike spent the past decade working as a digital reporter and producer for two Boston television stations. He worked closely with police, fire and EMS to showcase the work first responders do in their communities day in and day out that often goes unnoticed. Mike has observed numerous training exercises, and highlighted issues important to police officers, firefighters, paramedics and EMTs. He has attended and been a featured speaker at several conferences focused on media relations. He holds a degree in broadcast journalism from Emerson College. 

(855) 920- EPIK

Mike Saccone standing in a news studio during live shot
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